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One of the most discussed topics is the presence of god.

Atheist believes that god doesn’t exist and is just a creation of humans. Concept of god was born because of self awareness, which itself was born because of the unique ability of speech, which developed in humans a few hundred thousand years ago!

Agnostics believe that humans have no way of finding out the truth, just as a two dimensional creature can’t fathom what depth is. For a two dimensional creature world is made up of length and the breadth. Similarly the discussion has no valid point as humans have no way, and also won’t have in far future too, of finding out the truth about transcendental beings.

Believers believe in god. It exists, as simple as that. But believing in its existence is far more important than the truth. What so ever it may be.

In 1999 a movie called the matrix was released. According to its plot, world was overtaken by machines, they cultivated the humans and extracted there brain waves which was there main source of power. For that they had to keep brain active i.e. constant supply of stimulus. Machines for this purpose created the matrix, and human’s consciousness was transferred into it.

The super computer created a super powerful (godly) human which in the end has to merge with super computer bringing the matrix to an end. Super computer (the creator) did that because in the matrix there was coding for each humans environment, consciousness, desires, and other necessities. Since nothing, including the coding, can be perfect, also the coding can’t be self mutating for each individual it produces an error. This error compiles, ultimately leading to failure of matrix and whole cultivated population breaks out of the matrix. Neo (super powerful human) was created to balance the error generated because of “individualism”.

Now if we contemplate, it can be found that if the matrix is swiped with civilization, neo with god and error with unfulfilled desires or dissatisfaction. vol la Real world is obtained.

The belief or rather it should be said fear of a supernatural and super human entity is necessary to suppress the individualism that may thwart the working of a system leading it to its doom.

But the use of fear as a means to kill freedom, and rule over the mass also can’t be advocated. The greater good in that case is nothing but a preposterous excuse for the desire of power by people at the top.

The balance between the faith and freedom should be obtained. Balance of power is necessary. A self rectifying system which deflates the power of “Caesar” returning appropriate amount to people should be created. But again if everybody knew the purpose of the god, nobody will be faithful to the belief again leading to individualism. So clouding the truth to some extent may be the only option.

As stated earlier there can’t be a perfect code for the ideal matrix, in long run civilization has to start over. Or it should be said “neo has to merge with the creator computer”. Basic law of nature “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” can’t be changed. And its applicable not only for humans but also for every single entity that exist in this universe, movable or immovable, living or non living, nothing exists for eternity. It is the only thing that can be said with certainty. Maybe this was a rule made by god. Who knows!

Created: Mar 07, 2015

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