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is a true story”








hour was late.  The sun was just barely shedding peaks of light on
the tree tops. It was the haunting hour.  There was only the sound of
the frogs who had forgotten it was way past dawn but were still
croaking.  From out of a distant, yonder ahead, a sound broke all
others, was it a stick, a twig being stepped upon?  I didn't know.
All I knew was that the frogs stopped croaking and my trusty German
Shepard, “Lady Belle”, stopped in her tracks, as did I. All was
silent. My familiarity with my dog made me take notice.  It's like an
unsaid word.  “Get ready to Fight” her actions told me.  However,
this was a not a foe that could be taken with gunfire, hand to hand,
no, this was something strange, something not worldly. Lady Belle was
no stranger to adversity, she was raised on Kodiak Island. She was
accustomed to big bears challenging myself, Gus and Cole for our fish
and she never backed down.  No this was something other-worldly.
This phantom, ghost whatever it was, gave no quarter, gave no ground.
The still in the air and the slow steady growl of my dog was the
only sound that broke the night air.  A man really never knows fear
until you have heard these things.  I stood as quite as possible, the
beating of my own heart and the sound of Lady Belle breathing,
focusing on the site that was coming towards us left me in shear
terror.  I didn't  know what to do?  I slowly placed my hand on Lady
Belle's neck, and gave her a pet of reassurance, but, she was
convinced.  Her growl became frightening to even me   Like a funeral,
nothing was afoot nor making a sound. There was a horrifying noise
that seemed to be moving in an odd direction.  It neither sounded
like it was coming towards us or away, in a distance.  I stood still,
held my breath and I could tell, Lady Belle was doing, the same.
Like granite monuments, we both stood deathly still.  After what
seemed like an eternity, we both broke silence, Lady Belle and I took
cautious steps forward.  Trusting Lady Belle, I inched forward
cautiously. After convincing myself the darkness and twilight hours
might be playing tricks on my imagination, I bellied up the nerve to
continue my stride...but wait,.. there it is again.  Not like
before,..but,.blood curling.  This sound was that of utterly death,
almost as if a blade was torn from the screeching bowels of a poor
soul.  I stopped dead still in my tracks as did Lady Belle.  Our
hearts beating in rhythm .Fear could be felt in the tips of my
fingers, at the end of my of all my extremities, at my temple.  I did
not know what to do.  I then hunkered down, placing my right arm over
Lady Belle.  I could feel her heart beating fast as well.  Neither
one of us wanted to let the other know:/
were scared.

We waited for a spell then moved forward,
As we topped the hill, gaining a normal stride, another eery noise
made Lady Belle and I stop dead in our tracks.  Knowing now, the 1
sound was not a fluke, we knew,
I stroked Lady Belle in a way to comfort her or maybe myself ,and,
told her it was OK.  At this point, Lady Belle's hair stood up, as if
angry or scared, she then stopped breathing, as if to stay as still
as possible, to listen? This was very odd behavior for her.  As I was
petting her, I could not help but notice she had a steel gaze, a
stare ahead on our path. In combat situations it is sometimes called
“The 1000 Yard Stare”  She would not let go, so, I looked.  There
it was.  The awful foul creature, the stench that had caused such
discomfort to both our stomachs.  Now, I could comprehend.  Fifteen
feet from us stood what looked like perhaps an animal. A disfigured
animal of some sort. It seemed as if the figure was not quite human
and not quite animal.  It had the cry of a wounded rabbit and trailed
off in its whine and scream, as if it either needed help or was about
to attack?.  It was very eerie and terrifying.  I took several steps
back, Lady Belle walked forward, gave the creature room to take the
path it wanted, as long as that path wasn’t near me .  With my
hiking pack, I always keep a weapon of sorts for personal protection,
and, as this trip would have it, I had my Beretta 9mm Model 92FS, I
slowly reached into my pack and maneuvered the weapon from my carry
pack to my utility pocket, right hip.  As I did this, I noticed the
creature was aware of my behavior.  I also, noticed Lady Belle was
aware of this as well.  This was not a dumb creature we were dealing
with.  This was intelligence.  I spoke calming words to Lady Belle,
she calmly steadied her breathing, then slowly, I shifted the safety,
to FIRE, eased the pistol to a fine bead on the creature's gazing
eye. Lady Belle stood, bravely, silent, holding her breath as did I.
With a steady squeeze, a placed two shots to center mass, then
another to it's head as in training.  The thing then fell forward,
almost as if confused.  When it looked up and towards us, I fired
another 2 rounds to center mass, I took 3 steps forward and finished
out the 10 rounds left in  the clip into it's skull.  As I was
regaining my composure, loading another clip, Lady Belle lunged





and old stories are commonplace around the hills of East Tennessee.
I hadn't realized so much of the folklore and wives tells held water.
I can reassure you sometimes they do.  As this story began, it might
seem like fiction, but, as I continue, you might think twice about
taking that walk late one night.  When I was growing up, I heard
stories passed down from my Papaw (grandfather to Yankees)  There
were stories of mad dogs, rabid dogs, kinda like “Old Yeller”
type stories.  This one is a true story, not of a mad dog, but a
Ghost Dog.  Legend tells of a man who lived in Saint Tide Hollow
(Holler), he was a hard working man, lived a fairly peaceful life
until tragedy struck him and he became ill.  His name was Able.  Able
walked everywhere as there were no what you might call roads today,
just pretty much walking paths, hunting and games trails.  Able came
upon another local who was making homestead not from where he had
acquired land and offered to help him out in exchange for game meat
and access towards the French Broad River without causing ill repute
from crossing over his land.  Able met Henry and they immediately
took to one another. 



liked Abel’s work ethic and agreed Able could ford his creeks and
cross his property. 



the acquaintance took its years and a strong friendship took shape
and endured.  As Able and Henry grew to know and trust one another,
Able took notice of Henry's daughter, Nadine.  There was nothing Able
wouldn't do for Henry, his family or especially Nadine.  He looked at
her as his own.  As time passed, Nadine grew to be a young woman,
then a pretty girl that Able could not help but to take notice of her
strong beauty, trustworthiness she had inherited from her mother and
father. Able asked for her hand in the Spring of 1887.  Henry could
not have been so proud as to have a man such as Able to ask for her
hand in marriage.  They were wed April 23, 1887.









It was early every morning that Nadine was awake, cooking breakfast
and getting the early morning chores underway, preparing Able's fare
to do his day's labor.  Nadine and Able were blessed with 5 children,
3 boys and two girls.  James was there 1
born, Job was the second to bless their household, then came their
girl, Diane (translates to beauty). Then a second girl, Christine,
and then the last, Ransom. So, there life was good and the land gave
them what they put into it.


was James that 1
discovered the cave.  He came upon it by accident.  James had spoke
with Henry about maybe harvesting some wild turkey on Henry's
property and of course Henry had no problem with that.  Henry simply
said, “ Take all you can get, just have us over sometime for a
turkey dinner.” “ However, be weary of the end of the creek that
ends in the bog down here.  There is a sinkhole, or cave and it
doesn't do well to get near it.”  Ok?  James agreed and went on
about his business thanking Henry for his approval.





was just a kid.  I had just got my 3
German Shepard. First was Lady, before I was even in school, then
Buck, a great runner and graceful, now, Lady Belle.  Lady Belle was
pretty much the family protector, the mother of the pack.  I was
showing her off to my Uncle James and he was as happy as I was at her
beauty and discipline.  While we were talking, Uncle James mentioned
a story about a cave, another good dog and an incident from his
boyhood.  James had the opportunity to sit sometimes while helping
Henry on his farm  What James had to tell me, chilled me to my core.
There was a time when Henry's father, a philanderer, would go off for
days, leaving his family with no means.  Henry, after a night of
torture and a beating, took a reap hook, and in shear anger, cut his
father into pieces.  I couldn't believe I was hearing this,however, I
could tell James was telling a true story, his tone was too serious.

I had quite a story to take to bed with me.











awoke with the memory of what I had been told by my uncle.  I
questioned weather maybe my mind had perhaps made more of what I was
told than I might should have.  However, knowing the cave was just
down the road, my adventurous spirit wouldn't allow me to be still.
I had to explore this cave. 



being able to leap on to Russian trawlers in the Bering Sea and
confront groups armed with AK-47's, you might think I am brave or
able to face horror without hesitation.  It doesn't work that way.  I
was scared, apprehensive and wanting yet not wanting to know what I
might find upon entering this cave.  So, with my thick spine and
courage, I called a friend to go with me on this exploration.  Chris
agreed he would like to do a little spelunking so I had my lackey.
Along with Chris, I also had my faithful German Shepard, Lady Belle,
who didn't care either way if the cave was haunted.    We arrived at
the cave entrance in the early morning hours on a spring day.  The
insects were in a buzz as well as the flora and fauna of the area.
Wild flowers were abloom and the fragrance of creek mint and water







were prevalent in the air and all seemed well and timing seemed to be
appropriate as well.  As we approached the cave, it soon hit us that
this was not your everyday run of the mill cave entrance.  The
entrance was more like a drop into the skin of the earth.  The cave's
mouth was an opening into the ground about 20 feet long and 10 feet
wide.  One would have to repel to get into this beast.  We did. 


This really is a true story and a video is in the works recreating the events told of in the story.  Future photos and descriptions can be provided as needed.  I am new to this so just bare with me. 

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