3/5/15- Pointless

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I was going to bed, but I decided to stay up and write something pointless instead.

My thoughts are just jumbled around in my brain, like broken pieces to a toy. Therefore, I am paralyzed with the inability to do anything other than write this fucking shit on this stupid fucking paper. 

The truth is, I cannot sleep. Insomnia? No, not insomnia, although I wish it was that simple.

I. I want to yell at you. Scream until my voice fades away, much like, but slower than you did. I want to cry, I want to curse, FUCK YOU! But I can't, or rather, I don't. I just write stupid pointless letters to you that you WILL NEVER READ

The hardest part about this, about this dumb pointless thing, is that I have to pretend like I don't care, when in all reality, I do. I care a lot more than you do. Did you ever? You know, actually care about me? Or was it just bullshit too?


I am slowly starting to realize how to piece the broken toy pieces, the jumbled thoughts, together again. 

It will just take time to throw away the pointless and dumb fucking scraps, and to stitch the good ones back together again.

Created: Mar 07, 2015


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