The endless scarf (Re: Anais' challenge)

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Dear Mantia, I challenge you to take one of the RECords you love the most on this site and remix it! Anything will be good so feel free about doing anything !!!
- Anais10


I chose the magnificent illustration above, the only record posted by Nicaz, and I attempt to give it a story. I hope you like it, Anais.


The endless scarf

Once upon a time a lovely granny decided to make a scarf. She sat in her favorite armchair and started knitting.

"Won't take me long, just a couple of hours, dears. We will play once it's finished", 

she told her grandchildren who wanted her time and attention. 

Hours went by and granny could not finish the scarf, it never seemed the right moment:

"One more circle children, just one more, it needs one more to be perfect, you see?"

The children saw the scarf become longer and longer and started playing hide and seek in it, while granny was searching for the perfect final circle.

The evening grew into night and old granny kept working. 
At the first lights of dawn, she paused, exhausted, the final circle still missing.

"Oh well, not a big deal after all, right children?"

But the children were nowhere to be found, lost in her attempt to reach perfection, deep in the patterns of the scarf.

Created: Mar 06, 2015

Tags: granny, challenge collab 2015, scarf

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