open water

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He sits there petrified in fear. Since he was young this monster swamthrough his thoughts. He never conceived that in a million years that his job would bring him into contact with his greatest phobia. Archeologist don't belong here, there would be a plethora of other scientists better suited for the job, but of course it had to be him. He cannot stand to be here. Here in the middle of the ocean, and hundreds of miles from any land. He hears a call it the first mate calling hom on deck. He drangs himself up a begrudgingly pulls himself on deck. To his amazement he is engulfed by his gorgeous surroundings. The deep blue of the ocean and the seagul dotted orange mourning sky made him forget all his fears. The archeologist strolled over to the side of the ship to get a better look at the astonishingly clear water. When he reached the side he gasps in terror his worst nightmare has come true the horrible beast has come to get him. The first mate and his crew all burst with laughter. The first mate explains that it is harmless, but the archeologist doesn't care he would see them all eradicated if he had any say in the matter. He leans over the boat spits and swears, he hates sharks.

Created: Mar 05, 2015


scottyboy143 Document Media