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I Am MonkeyChow

By monkeychow

Around the time I started on HitRECord I wanted to put some music out and wanted to use a "Band" name instead of my personal name.  I didn't think too long before MonkeyChow came to mind.  Purina really makes Monkey Chow and a friend of mine worked in a building where the Yerkes Primate Institute did research and told us a hilarious story about the secret floor the guys from Yerkes went to every day with giant bags of Purina Monkey Chow and wouldn't talk to him at all about what went on down there.  I think it was much more hilarious because of our condition at 2 am Sunday morning at the end of a college party.  Anyway, notwithstanding what Yerkes does to monkeys, I wanted a "band" with a sense of humor and I've always thought the word "monkey" was humorous in itself and the band's music is just successful enough to kid myself it is legit and I've been using MonkeyChow here since joining HitRECord. 

I Am MonkeyChow

Created: Mar 01, 2015


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