Methuselah (Play Along #19)

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I did that thing again where I shamelessly rip off the style of an album I've been listening to constantly. This week: Atoms For Peace!

Imagine if Thom Yorke wrote a song from the perspective of Roy Batty, the head replicant from Blade Runner. Toward the end, you'll notice that the more organic instruments such as guitar and tambourine start to glitch out and be "taken over" by the electronic sounds, only to shut down completely.

REmix download includes all stems!


I knew I shouldn't've, but I bit the apple

Forsaked my god, and I burned the chapel

I only wanted the lifespan I extrapolated

I shifted tides, and I turned the tables

To become the stuff of timeless fables

But alas, all these circuits and cables are fadin'

Tell me what it's like

To live until you die

Methuselah, tell me: What's your secret?

You can lie to me; I will still believe it

I can't rely on this dying machinery

It's getting dark, and the rain is certain

It closes shutters, and it draws the curtains

Give me the answer; it's a matter of urgency

Tell me what it's like

To live until you die

Is one thousand years too much to ask?

Created: Feb 27, 2015

Tags: synthesizer, microkorg, glitch, percussion, guitar, stems, experimental, electronic, remix, methuselah, replicants, cyborgs, re: the future, blade runner, thom yorke, atoms for peace, song, play along week 19, play along collab, roy batty

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