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My 500th RECord (Rose Mandala)

By ATouchOfWanderlust

I create art. I am living my dream. Art has always been in my life- since I was born.

I am a third generation artist. It runs in my blood.


hitRECord has helped bring out creativity that I did not know I had. I've always been a photographer. But being in this community has made it easy for me to go beyond my previous limits.


It's been a creative, inspiring, frustrating, hopeful, imaginative journey.






There is definitely a pattern on my records lately. I've been creating mandalas using various photos/images. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that Spring is almost here- they might be symbolic of the season cycles.


I have wanted to create mandalas using photographs of flowers for about a year. I don't know what it is about flowers- their visual repetition, their colors, their shapes...


It took about 3 hours to make this image, but I really like how it turned out.


I figured now is the perfect time to use the rose photographs I took last year in a nearby rose garden. What better way to celebrate my 500th RECord?

My 500th RECord (Rose Mandala)

Created: Feb 27, 2015

Tags: flower power, inspiration, creativity, whimsy, winter, symbolic, repetition, photography, floral, flowers, cycle, love, mandalas, fall, mandala, a touch of wanderlust, living the dream, high-res, 500th record, garden, possibilities, color, why i hitrecord, celebrate, the walk, botanical, pacific northwest, digital art, symbols, nature, rose, community, 500, graphic design, botany, spring, pnw, journey, roses, circle, seasons, dream, collaboration, visual art, new friends

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