Goodbye For Now

By DonnyBergin96

I looked for a sign,

Any sort of hint.

I followed that line,

From walking to a full sprint.

Reaching the end sent a chill down my spine,

For it didn't lead to you but just an imprint.


I didn't believe it was the end,

There must have been a way to save you.

I slowly realized you wouldn't take the hand I was willing to lend,

You were gone but your imprint grew.

This was in no way my friend,

It was time to leave once I accepted it to be true.


I made my way out of the dark place,

Before allowing my tears to emerge.

I looked up to the vast space,

Then lit one last cigarette to fill my urge.

The smoke drifted to the stars with such grace,

While I chose the star where our souls would one day converge.

Goodbye For Now

Created: Feb 25, 2015

Tags: poem, poetry attempt, poems, poetry

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