Song in my head-- lyrics

By Milly

Lyrics to song in my head

Silly girl
wipe those tears away
can't be mad at the world
over one shitty day
Hey boy
go take her hand
make her smile
make her dance
Sit at the fireside
envy the fireflies
laugh out loud
that's what life's about
so when you're down
just laugh it out
dance through a heartbreak
joke through a belly ache
the antidote
in a simple note
just laugh the pain away
you will cry
and you will hurt
I can't promise
you'll get all the good you deserve
but after swallowing
all the bad the world dishes out
sit down
and have some laughter for dessert
lonely people
it's a state of mind
a dark mask
you all hide behind
tell me now
whats got you down
is it worth wasting time
or are you just too proud
we're all human
we're all the same
it's time that someone
made a change
open up that mind of yours
cause when it rains it really pours
so lets you and me
go dance in the rain

Song in my head-- lyrics

Created: Dec 08, 2009


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