THE REGULARITY #31 08/22/10

By The Regularity

Well, The first "Summer In The City" show at Pianos was a huge success! The next one is a week away on August 30th. What are we gonna do? Find out what we have in store and how you can contribute to the various awesome Collaborations that we are planning to screen. The last show was rocking and we sure are gonna keep up the momentum for show #2!!!!!

I want to say thanks to all who contributed so far, your RECords are incredible and they made my night such an honor to be able to screen them.

And thank you to all who watched on our live stream, we felt you in the room that night.

Okay, we got a show to put on. Let's get to work.

Thanks again.

Final Cut Pro by Dr. Gory

THE REGULARITY #31 08/22/10

Created: Aug 22, 2010


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