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Single-larity (Heartbreak Mixtape)

By Luis_C_Lewis

Hey you,


I've been trying to make sense of a few things lately. Science stuff. About the mind and body, you know?


Take for example, the day we met. An amazing day, right? Here's what happens when humans attract like that.


Eyes dilate. Hearts race. Sweat expels. Even our fucking breathing changes.


Remember that night in Big Sur under that bridge? The shitty wine. The ocean as our soundtrack. You told me about your dead cat, and I told you about that job I couldn't land.


Didn't it feel like we were the only two people that really, REALLY understood the hurt in our hearts? That's science. They're called mirror neurons, which makes us feel the shit other people are feeling.


Here's a chemistry lesson. Think back on all those nights we tussled under the sheets. Skin to euphoric skin. That's cause our brains become fucking drug labs. Walter-White style. A whole cocktail of neurochemicals to delight the brain.


And when that big-O arrives, we're awash in oxytocin. The same shit that's released when humans hug and hold hands. The Love Hormone, which keeps people together, bonded, committed.

Which you can't stomach.


So the question I've been asking myself is why? Why, in hindsight, don't I believe you experienced any of this?


There can only be one answer: you're a robot.


So sayonara,
You fucking cold, heartless, mechanical machine

Single-larity (Heartbreak Mixtape)

Created: Feb 03, 2015

Tags: mind, relationships, heartbreak, satire, robots, emotions, break up, letter, body

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