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This is a story about a boy named Sean, and his surgeon suit. Except he wasn't a surgeon. He was just schizophrenic. I met him about five years ago while I was walking to my apartment after class. He was walking in the same direction but a few steps further from me. When you look at him you see a pair of deep blue eyes, dark long shaggy hair, a nose that looks perfect on his face right above his thin lips. When you look at him you see a cool kid, and you imagine him to be wanted by all the girls from school, but he's not the asshole one, he's just a cool kid, a good loyal friend. He's the bass player from that band right across the street. He's the guy who's loved one girl all his life. All the good things you can imagine a good guy can be, have, say, think, feel, believe, know. He is all of that. Or at least, that's what you think he is when you see him walking down the street. He caught my eye, even though I only saw his back. He did, and it wasn't that hard either. He is, after all, quite good looking. But all of that gets lost. It doesn't matter. Because he's a schizophrenic, he's mentally ill, takes prescribed medication, and every now and then, he is hospitalized, cause his parents don't know what to do with him. His mom and dad, his family, don't know what to do with him. They don't know how to deal with him. Everytime he gets a little weird his mom starts yelling at him and she only makes things worse. Whenever his dad is home, he tries his best to avoid him, and to avoid his wife, so he's almost never home. Sean has a permission from the hospital to go out by himself and walk for a while. One day when he was walking, I met him. He was holding a flower in his left hand. He saw my reflection on a window and slowed down his steps. I stared at him while he was doing this, while I was walking. He turned around, and I fell in love. If you are aware of the existence of anything more beautiful than that, please raise your hand. In slow motion I saw his arm reaching out to me, his hand showing me the flower, his lips forming the most lovely smile I've ever seen, his eyes as blue as the ocean I have always loved. He didn't introduce himself, he didn't ask me out, he didn't ask my name. He just gave me the flower and stared right into my eyes. And that's all it took him to make me love him.

Created: Dec 06, 2009


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