wHEN wE wERE kiDs theme (v2)

By tonguecutsparrow

[// I have always had an endless fascination with the ideas of children and their thought processes, their innocence and naivety. I am always trying to tap into that somehow, and I might have gotten close with this one. I'm very proud of it, and it seems as though via was happy to have it part of her awesome collaboration. And any time you can make Mr. Matt Conley happy, well, that's a good day, overall, I think. //]

Another version of the same theme. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Basically the same chords but played differently and this time with lyrics (below). Again, I hope this is good for via's collab; it tends to be right up my alley...

when we were kids // we knew the score
and it was always in our favor
when we were kids // when we were bored
we would count the dots on the ceiling

we had all the time in the world
when each day bled into the next
i will cherish them always

when we were kids // we couldn't imagine
how the world would feel without our parents around
and as we grew up // it slowly dawned on us
that what we had was not attainable again

let's not regret those foolish games we played
we were kids and it seemed logical then
what little the pictures can tell us now
is all we'll have as the memories decay
i will cherish you always

i always pretended i was asleep...

wHEN wE wERE kiDs theme (v2)

Created: Aug 21, 2010


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