Never Fear (Secret Santa Song For 3over4)

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HO HO HO!!! Merry RECmas, 3over4!!


Firstly, bearhugs to Gaby for spearheading this collab! Thanks for all the hard work!


I remember hearing 3/4's Fear of the Future testimonial when I "REjoined" the site back in April, and I instantly connected with it. The fact that we're all comfortable with (and encouraged toward) putting our emotions right out there for the sake of art, and that we can guide and support each other in the process, makes me feel like I've finally found my artistic home.


If anyone wants stems, chord changes, etc., I'm a bit crunched on time lately, but I'd be happy to upload when I can!


bell chime sample from (creative commons license):




One night before bed, I learned of your dread

Regarding the future and fear

I could empathize; I’ve felt paralyzed

But skies always manage to clear

So I had to write to quell any fright

In the time of 3over4

Accomplishments met, your life sans regret

I know you’ll have all this and more


No, you never have to fear the future

Now do ya?


The daydreams we have, the untrodden paths

And all the songs we haven’t sung

Seem daunting in theory; the thought makes us weary

Especially when we are young

But I’m telling you, I’m aged thirty-two

And my dear, you have plenty of time

So unlock the chains, take life by the reins

You have all of us by your side

Created: Dec 19, 2014

Tags: fear of the future, song, percussion, vocals, re: the future, season two, secret santa collab, 3over4, secret santa 2014, season 2, acoustic guitar, gabyvaughan, hitrecord on tv

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