Is this hate?

By Davidduck

This song was written, composed and performed by me. from my "one man band" dying seed. Off the album "Love-Life

All original material written and composed by myself. The first half are love songs. The last half are more on the personal side. hence the title. I designed it be a simple definition of myself. well, simple to myself anyway. When I'm working on a new project I usually start out with a concept and then build from there. At first I set out to turn my life's story into a musical. but I grew tired of that idea so I began to work on another project. I decided to go back to my roots. which was love songs. I wrote so many love songs for so many years I got sick of them. But I figured it had to have been long enough(4 years to be exact)and returned to the fold. And in no time at all I spotted the connection of how "the love song" was just as much a part of me as the rest of it. And the rest is "Love-Life". "Is this hate?" is from the first half.

Is this hate?

Created: Nov 29, 2009

Tags: davidduck, love songs, singer songwriter, hate, dyingseed, love

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