The Rattlesnake Revival

By TheSerpentTheCharmer

From here we can see everything, the sun and the moon
Opposites reveling in the fact that they will never see one another
But I am not one for bland metaphors or a liar's whim
A view is nothing but a memory worth forgetting
I've spent too much time in the ocean to worry about love
Because I know now that it doesn't exist, at least not anymore
I've dreamt about you, watched nightmares unfold
God couldn't have planned the more perfect downfall
You've got a knack for drawing maps leading into nothing
I've got knives in my eyes and you put them there
I can't run my mouth when you're holding it shut
There's beauty in every broken blood vessel
I can feel you in every step I take on broken bones
Twisted up and tangled in the skin I was given
You can never trust a thief who hasn't stolen anything
No more than I can deceive a machine with blue eyes
I stood for something once, when I was still a man
A man that stood for love and hope and forward reaching hands
It was proven to me that such things do not exist
Only in movies where beauty is caught in slow motion repeats
But film fades and actors die and stages get destroyed
Hope is no longer a tide that I can tread through
Love has become an ocean that I can no longer cross

The Rattlesnake Revival

Created: Nov 29, 2009

Tags: stanza, poem, love, loss

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