The Chase (Saxy REmix - Play Along #10)

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THANK YOU, MeTaL_PoU, for recording those trumpets!! Your tracks gave me the inspiration I so sorely needed to finally record my own saxomophone takes.


I made some slight tweaks to Robo_J's arrangement, added reverb to the horns, and improvved my lungballs out. I also played a passage from Rossini's William Tell Overture, which is public domain since it was published before 1922 ( I honestly have no idea where the idea to play it came from. In the immortal words of Ray Stantz, "It just popped in there."


Note to Robo: If you have time, could you make an adjustment of your guitar tracks for this arrangement and tune them just a fraction of a semitone further down to match the horns? No worries if not! REmix file includes three WAVs: rhythm track, all trumpets, and all saxes. I can separate them further if need be!

Created: Dec 13, 2014

Tags: play along week 10, rock, william tell overture, saxophone, metal_pou, improvisation, percussion, guitars, robo_j, car chase, bebop, jazz, trumpet, rossini, play along collab

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