By abandonedpeace

we stood by the window, gazing oustide. every miniscule patter against the windowpane felt like pricks on my skin. goosebumps inched up my arms.
that's when you told me a story that changed my life. you told me that each raindrop tells a story, a lost memory from life that needs to be rewinded. all you had to do was feel it, emerse it, enjoy it with no doubts or fears. i didn't think it was possible; in every corner of life fears lurk. until he reached for my arm, pushing me into the pummeling rain.
at first, the dark sky overwhelmingly gripped joy, happiness, and smiles out of my grasp. then the first rain droplet fell upon my lips. it all played out like softly touched piano keys, creating an europhic momentum inside me. each prick felt like a thousand moments perfectly enveloped into one to create a masterfully put together touch of joy. a million fireflies, packed together in one package. a summer night spent looking at the stars, another shipped to-go. the first time you laughed, fluttering like crazed butterflies, already at my door.
i grinned and you grinned at me also.
i'd never felt so alive, so eneveloped in love.
now i knew what the rain felt like, enveloped in one emotion.


Created: Nov 29, 2009


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