Fluid (Play Along #9)

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I've been listening to a lot of Deftones/Team Sleep/††† lately, so when I heard Robo_J's moody trip hop REmix, I just had to go Chino-esque with some breathy, weaving vocals. It also needed some darkly sensual lyrics, and no one does darkly sensual quite like xanlee! I scoured her back catalogue last night, put together excerpts from four of her RECs, and made a few tweaks of my own to paint a cohesive lyrical painting.


Dim the lights and dig in.



UPDATE: Listen to Robo's latest mix with JerzyJung here!




You are my favorite thing

Under the sheets

We find ourselves again

And the pattern repeats

Your fingers trace my bones

They fall down skin

And I truly don’t know

If you’re the Devil tempting


My body’s weak

From your mystique

Marrow is leaking from my bones

Rest now your head

The devil’s dead

Won’t rise again until the morning comes


Your spine drips down and down

Into mine

We are a candle now

We form the perfect line

Your spine drips down and down

Into mine

I am the Devil now

And you, the Divine



(REmix file includes stem vocal track and my slight rearrangement of Robo's track)


On a related note, I advise everyone to check out Deftones' cover of Sadé's "No Ordinary Love".

Created: Dec 03, 2014

Tags: ††† (crosses), remix, collaboration, deftones, sensual, trip hop, bones, song, chino moreno, play along week 9, robo_j, vocals, team sleep, xanlee, moody, request, fluid, spine, devil, sex

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