By abandonedpeace

A short poem.

I have a random assortment splattered on my walls,
i call it my 'fate of life'but still its missing,
missing half of its pieces.

The walls spoke of daring wisdom and adventures,
that awaits us all in the vast abyss we call life,
but i don't like where it's leading me.

Flashforwarded to a nightmare turning reality,
capitaving me in its plunging twists and turbulences,
catapulting me in darkness where only cries in the night are heard.

No, i say, i refuse, i dare to realize my own dreams,
the dreams of excelling in a vicious, dawning world,
where the only way to climb is high up the mountain.

But, see, the walls tell me not to be naive,
that i must follow what has been predestined for me,
the set of rules societiy has plotted out for me.

Instead, i deviantly and recklessly form my own path,
curving and twirling down many a wonderous, miraculous daze,
the daze we call individuality which we find through life.


Created: Nov 27, 2009


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