Nephilim Valley

By sshh_77

I sing with tears dripping from the sockets which once held two orbs of autumn.


My cage still rises and falls though the beat that once was is no more.


I feel a chill up my spine and yearn for the sinsation of fine hair standing.


The scent of roses lingers, passing through a hole which once was my nose.


It's thorns scrape my tips yet leave no mark behind.


The flesh it would have pricked has now vanished over time.


Now all which is left after many years passed is the hair that clings to the whites of my skull.


Along with the memories of yesterday, carrying my hopes dreams and regrets.


I look up to the rising moon and the stars which compliment its glow.


And with its lighted reflection in the water, I play.


A violen propped under my mandible as my bones press down metal threads.


My bow swiftly sweeps over metal like the waves on the oceans surface.


A harmonic symphony plays out through the instrument.


The vibrations of the sound fill me with ever lasting joy.


I prance and dance along to my tune thankful for the music.


Thankful that I may still play my new life through a song.

Nephilim Valley

Created: Nov 22, 2014

Tags: valley, poetry, bones, shadow of death, second life, death, nephilim valley, music, poetry death mortality, nephilim, violen, life, poetry and art, poetry reading, poem, poetry attempt

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