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11 / 11

By TanjaTHEAwesome

11 / 11


Let your entire being shine

Shine so brightly, others can see
All the wonders we bring to life


With our smiles
With our laughs
and our art and our crafts


With our hands we shape universes
From images and from words
We are creators of small worlds


Tiny stories, and tiny dreams
We share them all so that they may grow
Grow into inspiration so that others
Might take up a brush and join us


Let your entire being shine

Shine brightly and shine fearless
Don’t be afraid to play with fire


Take a risk, confront your fears
Be courageous, be daring
Don’t wait for years to pass
Follow your heart and your dreams will last


With your heart
With your passion
Help build a world of compassion


Let your art inspire others
To create their own
And fill the world with great works

So that we will alway know


What life sounds like
What life feels like
What life tastes like
What life looks like


And when it’s all said and done,
Let your soul burn on.

11 / 11

Created: Nov 12, 2014

Tags: creative vision, 11:11, 11, alive, inspire, passion, life, inspiration, art, poetry, hitrecord

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