By deebles

Isn't it funny...

Isn't it funny how silence can be the loudest possible sound and how a single song can completely encompass your current outlook on life with just a simple guitar riff or melody and it's so easy to disregard the fact that the lyrics don't fit at all as long as they are sung in the right way.

Isn't it interesting that you can go years without having a single significant thought then one day the thoughts become so overbearing that you have to write them all down to even make sense of it all.

Isn’t it strange how for a single moment life and love and everything having to do with life and love can become so clear and so easily understood but then the clock ticks and everything is a mystery again.

Isn’t it funny that my dog understands her place in the world better than I do.

Doesn’t it suck that what life has planned for you and what you wish to be and accomplish are always two different things.

Isn’t it stupid that part of me bases my own self-confidence and worth on what I feel others think of me and on top of that I am aware of it and yet I continue.

Isn’t it funny that the dumbest people are constantly reading, using big words, making good grades, going to great schools and being bad people.

And isn’t it strange how a single phone call from the right person at the right time can save you from yourself...


Created: Nov 24, 2009

Tags: philosophy, writing, babbling, poetry, thoughts, rambling, expression

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