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A-X480-RE-The Future

By Axon_Graf

I am Prototype Model A-X480.

I am sad.

This is not at all what I had in mindchip. I originally recorded this for the Title Opening Sequence RE: The future, me getting out of my comfort zone 'n all. Unfortunately the sound was &%@£$£^^&* so I might need to re-construct my vocoder.

Inaudibly I am saying: 'Today's Episode is Regarding The Future.' future looks bleak. Still so much error in my code.


Perhaps not entirely useless: REmix file contains a ZIP with two full HD files:

One full HD with 3 heads. Another full HD with 1 head on alpha channel. Reconstruct. Or recycle me. 

A-X480-RE-The Future

Created: Nov 04, 2014

Tags: axonbot, axon graf, circuit, cyborg, zip, android, the future, high-res, robot, gif, re: the future, animation

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