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By tootwofoursquare

speak low

and hold your breath.

there is a little girl



(however precarious),

tip toeing

dream-anchored tightropes

woven from the thread

of swaddling cloths

and wrinkled ribbon

knit with

strands of spiraled hair

and stick-straight lash

she stumbles and side steps

with muddied feet

and soft soles,


sunkissed knees

for now untouched 

by flesh-curling concrete.

she inches forward

reaching for the

tips of a sickled moon,

for the sparkle 

of a burning star

not knowing

the things that will make her

trip and cry,


and burn

are watching from below

and have been

for quite some time.

so speak low.

and hold your breath. 

there is a little girl above


however precarious. 


Created: Nov 04, 2014

Tags: little girl, poem, star, moon, precarious, tightrope

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