The Day I Learned of Death/The Night I Learned to Live (animation)

By Johnnyclyde

would love it if someone else wanted to do the voice on this! 

A man walks through a strange forest when he spots a lump of something in the distance.

With each step the man takes towards the figure, he gets younger and younger until he is but a boy. 

As the boy gets closer he sees blood being washed from the plants by the rain. Sensing something is wrong, he puts his hands on the creatures ribs to feel it's shallow breathing. 


suddenly the tigers eyes shoot  open. Where normal humans would feel fear in this moment, the boy felt nothing but joy and even gave a small smile as proof. 


the tiger mustered up what energy it had left to run into the forest to play games with the boy, but it proved to be too much for the tiger. 


Now. I don't know if you've ever been talked to by a tiger, but one thing is for sure. When a tiger chooses to speak to you……….you listen. 


I am sorry, but I have to go. Thank you. Turn away now, face towards your home.  You should go download the Play Along Grab Bag edition and try a remix


With that, the tiger descended down a dirt path. The boy did not listen, and instead wept as he watched the tiger collapse in the mud. 


The boy wiped his tears, and with each step he took he aged back into a man. Having learned what it is to die, and what it means to live. 



The Day I Learned of Death/The Night I Learned to Live (animation)

Created: Oct 28, 2014

Tags: i suck so bad at tags i am so sorry, animation, tiger

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