google translates an MMM2 review

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MMM2 continues to make news! i was looking at this: - and decided to run google translate on it...and lo and behold! it generated its own metaphoresian language (er...gibberish!)!

i LOVE this stuff! please note that i couldn't copy and paste from a translated page, so this was lovingly HAND TYPED by moi. i especially love the phrases "mind bubble" and "scenario crazy Sarah Daly". Enjoy!

Customers who land on the site are fixed from the start on the new side of host. JGL is as the designer of a “business open to collaboration” embodied in a participatory website developed in early 2010. “We create and develop the art of participatory way on our site.”….

An initiative that would have germinated in his mind bubble five years ago with the aim of creating a community of artists reinventing the movie industry.

Butterfly fairies twirling, juggler Asian men bellied fish, chimpanzees dressed in striped prisoner giraffes to a top hat, panda balloons [ed note: them's MY balloons! lol]….In the phantasmagoric world of safari in the sky “flying circus that Zeppelin Mr Morgan gives Morgensen visit his lover Destiny. But the quiet getaway couple, played by Lexy Hulme compatriot met on the set of “500 Days together” – and JGL, will turn into a nightmare.

The romantic young man wearing a bowler hat, wearing a false mustache and a made up clown nose finds himself in competition with Lionel, a flirty as muscular as grotesquely played by Channing Tatum, to find Mrs. Ballofur. The cat in the pink coat, wearing a miniature crown, has escaped discreetly basket prudish mistress in her polka dot dress. A cockfight, based battles worthy of withering glances spaghetti westerns and exaggerated sounds of fighting dusty, then engages them.

Scenario crazy Sarah Daly, brightened by a soundtrack of jazz rhythm by the voiceover narrator’s gravelly, is set in a retro atmosphere: the ups and downs are linked within the airship in a halo of light flickering characteristic of sepia and actors in period costumes take the exaggerated gestures of silent film. True to its approach in creating solidarity, JGL does not forget to thank its 306 employees in the credits, paying particular tribute to the 58 musicians and 54 actors who participated in this adventure. “this short film was made with love by the humanists of SXSW”, he says on before concluding nostalgic: Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project. This is a moment I will not soon forget. Just as the spectators carried away by his poetic universe.

indeed! :-)

google translates an MMM2 review

Created: Aug 19, 2010

Tags: morgan, review, destiny, mmm2, zeppelin zoo, french

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