Asking The Sea

By alittlemarina

Poem about being engulfed by the sea

"Come on deep ocean.
Engulf me in your sea-green beauty."
Salt tips into the corners of the mouth,
Irritating the taste buds.
Filling the ears,
Dulling sound all around.

"Take me now.
Fill me with murky love."
Slipping under the body.
Pulling and pushing to the
Rejecting as winter rejects the sun.

"Why? Oh merciful Poseidon.
Allow me to feel relief!"
Shrieks echo across the vast ocean,
While anger rages,
For refusing the self-sacrifice.

"I shed my own salty tears,
Please, I beg of you."
Waves crash away,
Pushing the lively body towards,
The rocks of Atheitus.

In an instant,
The crying voices of the pathetic human
Ridden from the world,
Yet granted with
Their wish.

Asking The Sea

Created: Nov 22, 2009

Tags: sea, poetry, ocean

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