Climbing To Fall

By alittlemarina

A poem describing the different milestones of life

Step one: Infantile rejection.
A small child,
As unwanted as a simple breeze.
Just a nuisance.
Small, innocent,
Beginning to crack.

Step two: Childish torture.
Chosen over as fall descends.
Unwanted, yet unwilling to destroy.
A simple jester,
For amusement and harm.

Step seven: Adolescent knives.
Cruelly fly through thin skin.
Harm befalls the already
Cracking muscles.
Innocence has melted away.
Thrown into the closet,
Belonging with childish toys,

Step ten: The ultimate prison of learning.
Locked away while bitter tears
Drench the floors.
Changes all around.
Minds collide.
Bodies touch.
Actions now kill more than words.

Step fourteen: The cursed signs
Of growing up begin to emerge.
The opposite however,
Show their disdain for you,
Carving their initials into your heart,
Without even stitching up the wound.

Step sixteen: A glance at freedom.
Opportunities present themselves,
Yet the thin veil of deceit remains.
New freedoms are used to entice.
Though as always,
Things aren

Climbing To Fall

Created: Nov 22, 2009

Tags: poetry, age, climbing

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