Street Lights & Stars

By itscarolina

Issaness wrote: "The city is beautiful, but being able to see the stars instead of streetlights is also...”


I’ve lived in cities all my life; seeing stars is a rare occurrence. A couple of years ago we visited family in Lajas Beach, Panama (northwest coast, by the Costa Rica border), one of the most desolate, untouched and beautiful places I’ve been to.

Lush trees, the whitest sand and calm ocean turned magnificent hues as they welcomed the night sky. A rich shade of black, the stars blatantly illuminated it at night, glittering as they danced; they were the live of the party... and it was breathtaking. I spent countless hours connecting those stars, creating shapes, imagining stories faraway people and lands. The beauty of the stars caught me off guard; I never really noticed how incredible they are.

Last night, as I drove home with my sunroof opened I looked up and spotted one star. Just one. It looked lonely. I imagined this star showing up to its middle school dance, desperately looking for his friends, but not seeing them. Feeling incredibly awkward, alone, forsaken. I felt like shouting to it “You’re surrounded by the stars, you’re friends are there! We’ve just polluted your sight.” I secretly hoped for a blackout, wanting to reunite this little star of mine with its friends. Craving to see the song and dance I had seen in Panama. All of a sudden I became sad. I too miss the stars little guy.

I miss them every night.

Street Lights & Stars

Created: Aug 19, 2010


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