Perfect Symmetry (Mirror Music Vocal Reference)

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I wasn't too keen on the idea of recording vocals for this track again, but Iluminar's words were just too fantastic not to put to use. They're abstract and artistic enough not to be too literal with mirrors or the number 2, but still fit the theme perfectly. And let's not overlook a million-dollar word like "tessellations"!!


I kept the melody the same as my first REmix of this song, not only because I really like it, but also because it has pauses in just the right places to showcase drum fills as well as more musical contributions that could roll in!


Thanks to Il-matic for yet another invitation! Check out our first songbaby and our second melding of the minds!


Effects-laden vocal stems (including an outtake...) available in the REmix file. Dry vox available upon request if needed.


LYRICS (by Iluminar)

Two steps forward and she pulls you back

Slip between the lines as the mirror cracks

Give up 3D life for a mimic

This isn't real; just your perception of it


Used to think we had perfect symmetry

Tessellations tangled up in sheets


Memory blurs like mercury glass

Trade in tomorrow for soft-focus past

Liquid line between truth and fiction

Reach out to touch her, but she's just a reflection


Used to think we had perfect symmetry

But that's just one side of a two-sided story

Created: Sep 26, 2014

Tags: memory, lyrics, double drums, song, symmetry, reality, iluminar, synth, reflection, rock, tessellation, vocal, season two, hitrecord on tv, re: the number 2, season 2, re: the number two, re: mirror music, request

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