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^Yes, I did actually whittle a mushroom to look like a peen.

Okay, RECorders, here's mega Domino collab opus #2 (and waaay overdue...I wrote this thing the day the Telephone Game collab was announced, but kept putting off recording). My version of a raunchy comedy song doesn't start sweet and innocent, then get predictably lewd; it comes out swinging right away and still leaves room for a kicker at the end.

UPDATE: Iluminar created storyboards out of her puppet characters!!


MAUREEN: Hey, Jean! (Yeah yeah?)

Didja hear about Dean? (No, no...)

He sent me his penis in a text meant for Irene (No way!)

JEAN: Hey, Colleen! (Yeah yeah!)

Didja hear about Dean? (No no!)

Well, check out this penis pic that he sent to Maureen (Oh no!)

I can't believe it happened; I can't believe it's true

I hope he gets what's comin' to him for bein' so darn rude


Didja hear about Dean? (No! No!)

You will when you see this post I just wrote on Scene [Facebook/Twitter-type site] (N! O!)


Didja hear about Dean? (YEAH! YEAH!)

This guy's egregious; someone should call the police (HEAR HEAR!!)

We can't believe it happened; we can't believe it's true

But hopefully he'll get what's comin' 'cos now we've seen it too

[montage: police get calls, see the pic, clamor to Dean’s house, knock on his door, CUT TO BLACK]

DEAN: Hey, Maureen? (Yeah?)

Could you tell Irene-- (No.)

--that I'm in this penal institution, and what I sent was a meme...of a fucking mushroom

[finally cut to the pic - a mushroom is sticking out of a man's boxer shorts with the caption, "...JUST THE CAP?"] (Oh no...)

I guess it didn't happen; I guess it isn't true

Be careful playin' that game of phones 'cos you're probably gonna lose


If you know "Mollie", then you know the drill. I need all of these parts covered: Maureen, Jean, Colleen, four+ cheerleaders, five+ "Scene"-sters, and any more musicians who could round out instrumentation. Illustrators, animators, video editors, etc.: this could be BIG.

Song is 100BPM, and chords are E, C#min, A, B. Stems to come if enough people show's gonna take me a good while to clean up each track and zip them all up.

telephone sounds from (creative commons licenses)

Created: Sep 16, 2014

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