The Good Job

By ManWithHat

A Short Comedy About Losing Everything To Leprosy

Good Job
by Sam Abraham and Aaron J. Shay

Lights up on the house of JOB, idyllic. JOB enters, rather exhausted and conspicuously missing a hand. He slumps into a chair. RITA enters briskly and kisses him on the forehead.

RITA: How was your day dear?

JOB: Not very good at all. I've had a little bit of an accident-

RITA: Never mind that, I'm sure everything will be fine.

JOB: I haven't even told you what-

RITA: No use being a Debbie Downer! Just keep a "stiff upper lip" as those adorable English people always say on TV. My mother always told me-

JOB: Rita, I have to tell you something-

RITA: I was talking about my mother! You know better than to interrupt me when I'm talking about my dear, sweet, saintly-

JOB: I'm sorry, Rita. I'm sorry. Go on. I can tell you about my missing hand later.

RITA: Thank you. As I was saying, my darling mother always used to tell me...? Now, what was it that she said? It had something to do with... a couple of birds and some kind of bush, or watched pots never boiling... I wonder... was it because the stove wasn't on? Well, never mind that. You've clearly had a bad day at work. Would you like me to fix you something?

JOB: I can't begin to think-

RITA: Bacon it is! I'll be right back!

RITA exits briskly. JOB finds the television remote and turns on the TV. A newscaster appears.

NEWSCASTER: The latest reports on the Tsunami that has destroyed a Ramada Inn in Southern California shows that the dead bodies of all 48 guests have been identified as the Smith family reunion. Employees remain unharmed by the events. As we reported earlier in the broadcast, the wave seems to have only affected this one building, leaving all surrounding establishments in the neighborhood fully intact, though slightly wet. One angry Californian was quoted as saying:

ANGRY CALIFORNIAN: "I got some water in my shoes. My socks soaked it all up, but now my feet are all cold and when I walk, it

The Good Job

Created: Nov 19, 2009

Tags: The Book of Job, leprosy, comedy, theatre, stage

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