State beginning with a W

By mushr

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I don't even know how to explain this. This is an experimental thingofajigger. I wrote through Metaphorest musings & Damsel's poem, which were originally inspired by Jenyffer.maria's Grown record. I was really trying to make a visual record. For the life of me, I just couldn't paint that dress blue. I downloaded Jenyffer.Maria's record, thinking I could just spray paint it blue. I was going to use that image along with other images, and use goodgirl_indie voice record. But since I don't have a blue dress. I just wrote the story line in words instead... This is very sketchy. Some of the lines here are Metaphorest's & Damsel's, just reworked a little bit. I wasn't sure how I could cite those references. I don't think we could do italics here. I hope you guys don't mind. If you do let me know. Anyway, I'll just post what I have so far.

State begining with W

When does childhood start? where does it end? Does it catch up with
you in a state that begins with W, for wandering or wondering?

I remember
being lost that day ...
& looking up at the horizon, the sky was wearing a blue dress with white oyster like fringing. It was a beta version of the sky, not yet swift enough to catch light. (Oh the cockiness of a three & a half year old, thinking it could win this race.)

I wish I could get that feeling back.
If only I could spot it back on the map.

A small dot of blue.
Hiding behind towns with population zero.

Is it possible to feel wildered?
Or is it always just bewildered? When did we become?
When did lost become the capital of this landscape.

Maybe it's not too late for me to enter.
If only I could weave that feeling back

... into that yellow fringed

State beginning with a W

Created: Nov 16, 2009


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