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RETRO-U™ (VO w/ music)

By TheLastDomino

I had Kubi's glorious script on my to-do pile for a long time before deciding that whether or not it was used for RE: The Future, I still wanted to read it, because it deserves to be read. I attempted to emulate Bruce Willis's stoically bittersweet tone in his Sin City voiceovers.

music: That Haze of Almost Summer (Extended) by Axon Graf (headphones recommended)

lone VO available as REmix download

RETRO-U™ (VO w/ music)

Created: Jul 26, 2014

Tags: retro-u, re: the future, season two, season 2, voiceover, voice over, remix, reading, narration, vocal, future self, destiny, fate, mirror, old man, kubi, axon graf

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