Poem (For Someone Else)

By StephenGerard

A song to help me get through the day.

This is an introspective piece. The questions I ask are mainly to myself, but I suspect a lot of people feel this way once in a while. Lyrically, I think it's one of the best compositions I've written.


Ever thought about being broken down once?

Ever wish you could say just what you were feeling?

Ever hope that the world would suddenly find you?

Ever give more than you knew they were taking?

Ever make a decision without taking it apart?

Ever enjoy a memory without feeling saddened?

Ever try not being so judgmental?

Ever want to start over again like an infant?

Ever think about just enjoying the moment?

Ever allow yourself a chance to make a mistake?

Ever want to rediscover your freedom?

Ever try relaxing and slowing the time down?

Ever sit on the floor and scream at the ceiling?

Ever tell yourself you did the best you could?

Ever thought about trying not to make the light?

Ever try to have pleasure without feeling guilty?

Ever feel complete without needing a lover?

Ever thought about sex without thinking of dying?

Ever show yourself some forgiveness?

Ever stop beating yourself up with emotion?

Cash isn’t poverty

Dreams aren’t loneliness

Hope isn’t a memory

Love isn’t for someone else

Poem (For Someone Else)

Created: Nov 15, 2009

Tags: music, alternative

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