By zelephante

an unsigned love letter to someone yet unknown

"Dear Sir,

Where ever you may be, I hope this letter finds you well. It has been so long since I last felt the urge to write down my feelings and send them off to you. Many things have changed in that time. And many have stayed as they were.

In all honesty, I haven't passed a single day without thinking of you. And life doesn't seem quite full enough in your absence. I hope you will forgive my sentimentality. Thinking of you, and the time we'll have together, my heart is at once both overjoyed and heavy with anxious anticipation.

The long and short of it is this: I wish we could hurry up and find one another so we might get right to the sweeping each other off our feet part. I long to know the curve of your mouth when you smile, and feel our fingers intertwined. Someday I hope to look into your eyes and feel your appreciation, as I cherish you. I hope that day will come soon...

When counting stars is not enough I count heartbeats. To lull myself to sleep, so I may dream of you... Until then...

With all my love,"

In blue ink, because that is best for love letters.
To no one in particular. Not even a 'sir,' necessarily...


Created: Nov 14, 2009

Tags: unsigned, blue ink, love letter

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