Canvas (Part II)

By StephenGerard

A song for the hopeless romantic in all of us.

This is a song I wrote with my friend, Bruce Graninger, for our group Red Sky Project. I wrote the music and played keyboards. Bruce wrote the words and sang lead vocal. Other songs are posted on our youtube account.


Where are you?

Were you looking for me?

I’m over here waiting for you.

I’m on a lonely dock by empty shores.

Where am I? I’m looking for you.

There you are standing on a street corner,

waiting for me, but I’m over here.

Where are you? Looking for me?

I’m over here, looking for you.

Where are we?

Was there any lack of communication

as to where we should be?

Cause I’m on a lonely dock

by empty shores. And you’re there standing

on a street corner.

Looking for me, looking for you.

One ship. One relation.

Broke into a thousand pieces.

Canvas (Part II)

Created: Nov 14, 2009

Tags: music, alternative, vocal, piano

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