The Messiah

By LittleWing

He slaps my fellow citizen.
I am insulted,
by proxy.
So I spit on his ally,
whose brother then
slams bombs into
another country,
claiming retaliation.

From one, to many, to countless,
the unrest spreads quick.

A haphazard,
back and forth
bartering of life
Every drop of blood
spawns a thousand suicides
that spawn a million deaths.

The tipping point reached.

And you ask how wars begin?

Where is the wise man
who can unravel the tapestry
of this world gone mad:
to reveal the
now obscure thread
of original sin?

He will be the messiah.

For to know; is to heal.

Can we please end this war for peace?

The Messiah

Created: Nov 13, 2009


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