Future Hearts (REmix Song)

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As a staunch advocate of '80s synthpop, I couldn't not REmix DBlankMusic's instantly-indelible instrumental. I went for a Bowie-meets-Simple Minds vibe on the vox in order to capture the spirit of the triumphant anthems of John Hughes-esque films. I also added a sax solo because sax solo.


I worked the lyrics around DBlank's original title. They simultaneously act as a "Go get 'em, kid!" message that's so indicative of '80s montages, and also as a mission statement of what we as RECorders do.


Even if it doesn't fit with any RE: The Future collabs, I'd love to see this get made into an old-school music video. In fact, DBlank has his own collab for just such a request!


If anyone wants stems, let me know.



Don't walk away from this

This chance to be enmixed in all of which is to become

Don't walk away

We are the future hearts tonight


So don't turn your back on this

This chance to be invincible and fix all of the wrongs

Don't turn your back

Become a future heart tonight


Come with us

And be a future heart tonight

Created: Jul 05, 2014

Tags: montage, john hughes, manifesto, 1980s, season two, motto, future hearts, re: the future, song, new wave, vocal, hitrecord on tv, remix, end credits, saxophone, film soundtrack, season 2

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