SITC Night Notes For Tori <3

By gweninterrupted

SITC... Monday night, 8-16-2010, 10:30PM New York time.


Music played overhead before the show started. i believe Marke created an album of the music played before the show, so i will find it and supply a link for you here.

SITC Pre-Show Music (album)

A long, crazy video intro played and then Joe came onstage.

Joe said hello to Filmpunk and MattConley upon spotting them in the crowd.

A Tiny Story video played onscreen.

Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date played onscreen.

Joe invited 2 random people from the crowd up on stage to read from the Tiny Stories book that was printed out- and had been given to attendees of the show earlier in the night.

Joe then invited people to join him on stage to sing Row Your Boat with him- and i think between 10 and 20 people went up to sing with him. A rendition of Joe singing Row Your Boat played overhead and then Joe directed the singers by singing and conducting them with his arms. They sang several rounds of the song together and then everyone returned to their seats.

Joe then presented They Can't Turn the Lights Off on the screen- and sort of apologized on behalf of the state of California for the whole Prop 8 fiasco- which was WONDERFUL! On a side note, i know that at least a few of us, including me, were singing along while watching the Ustream feed online. <3

Next, an amazing showcase of SFBakstad's time lapse videos played onscreen (Go Shay!!!) accompanied by live music being performed by Nels of Wilco... which i believe may have been improvised. (?)

Then MY DAD IS AN FBI AGENT played onscreen.

Joe called MattConley up onstage to explain the creation of the My Dad is An FBI AGENT video. Joe acted humorously pissed that Matt is a few inches taller than he is, and made a crack about Matt being a Celtics fan. (i giggled.) =) Matt talked about the creation process and did a wonderful job- of course!

Matt returned to his seat and Joe began talking to the crowd about the Cities collaboration. Jared played the video Joe had made about the Cities collab onscreen.

Joe had a really cool dialogue with the audience for several minutes, taking polls about where people were raised- like in big cities or in the suburbs. A crowd member asked Joe to poll about how many people were raised in multiple cities- and it seemed that moving around a lot and being raised in a suburb were more common traits among the crowd than being raised in a big city was.

Someone handed Joe a cocktail. He sipped it, and then did a fabulous DRUNK ACCENT for a minute afterward.

Joe announced that another Tiny Story video would play followed by the Nebulullaby video. The Tiny Story of Wirrow's hand drawing the Dear Flower story out in black pen with Joe's voiceover played.

Then Nebulullaby played. (i got emo over this since i sing a harmony on one of the last verses of the song.)

Joe asked a couple more people to come up onstage and read from the Tiny Stories mini-books Marke had made for the attendees of the show.

Then Joe performed a heartfelt rendition of Carole King/Aretha Franklin's "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman"- which must have been the absolute coolest thing happening in the enitre universe at that very moment. *hehe* Joe played guitar as he sang...

Joe presented Wirrow's incredible A New Earth video and it was ELECTRIC.

Then a montage of the video and audio of Everything is On Fire played which felt very special...

+Insert Joe comment+
Might wanna mention that during "EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE" Nels returned to the stage to play along with it, which added huge hot flames to the situation...

Joe returned to the stage to wish everyone a good night.

The audio from Row Your Boat played overhead...



Well, my lovely, wondrous Queen Tori!

i so hope my notes will give you a little idea of what you missed last night and i hope you will be able to join us on the Ustream / Skype call and chat next time!

i love and adore you!


P.S. If anyone who sees this knows what the specific names of RECords playing last night were, could you please add links to them in the comments for this RECord so that Tori can get a better idea of exactly what showed? Or even if you just have more notes to add, i'm sure Tori would love to read your comments and takes on what went down in New York City last night as well! Thanks! And Cheers! =)

SITC Night Notes For Tori <3

Created: Aug 17, 2010


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