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The Dark - Hawaiian Legends - Nightmarchers

By atsargirl

Ideas for The Dark and Flames for the Dead.

As many of you know, I live on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I live along the Hamakua Coast (near Waipio Valley).  I also live near the site of many bloody battles for the Hawaiian islands and near the birthplace of Kamehameha I in Hawi.   The nightmarchers are ghost of ancient Hawaiian warriors.  On certain nights the nightmarchers are said to come forth and go to sacred sites or the scene of past battles. They march between sundown and sunup.  It is said if you hear chanting or see torches you should immediately retreat inside or lay face down on the ground and be very quiet until they pass because if you see them you will die.  (Unless you have an ancestor who is marching and then the ancestor will call out to the other marchers and they will pass you by.)

I live in and around several major battles, so I am cautious when going out into our orchards at night as I know this is an area where nightmarcher potentially might be.  As the crow flies, our local boy scout camp is just a mile away and it encompasses part of an ancient battle ground.  My son was in boy scouts and camped at the camp several times.  There were several sites which the scouts no longer use because they have heard or seen the Nightmarchers and an adult chaperon apparently died after the marchers saw her.  

I think it would be interesting to explore other legends from around the world which might be similar to this.  More information on the Hawaiian islands, battles and nightmarchers can be found at the following links or from other recorders who are from Hawaii.


The Dark - Hawaiian Legends - Nightmarchers

Created: Jun 17, 2014

Tags: ghosts, the dark collaboration, the dark, warriors, legends, nightmarchers, hawaii, myths, battles

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