Dad's Boots [Script Remix]

By Day Glo

INT. Matilda's room

The bedroom is decorated and filled with the clutter of a young girl. She's not in here. Not yet. Through the open door we can hear the sounds of an argument, culminating in...

DAD: That's enough of that, young lady. Go to your room! You're grounded!

Matilda storms up the stairs, furious, and runs into her bedroom. She SLAMS the door and SCREAMS.


Red-faced, she glares at the shut door.

INT. Kitchen - the next morning

Matilda is eating breakfast. Her father's boots sit against the wall.

Nobody else is around.

Matilda picks up a boot, checks to see the coast is clear... and SPITS into it.

A gleeful smile spreads across her face. She spits in the other one, too.

INT. Kitchen - later

Matilda is doing her homework. Dad picks up his boots.

DAD: I'm going to the shops. Do we need anything?

MUM: No, I think we're OK.

Dad slips on his boots. Matilda hides a smirk.

The End.



(I didn't describe either the father or the mother because I'm picturing this in my head as being shot all on Matilda and not showing the faces of the parents at all - just hands picking up boots, feet putting them on, etc.)

Dad's Boots [Script Remix]

Created: Jun 15, 2014

Tags: spitting, script, short script, remix, childhood mischief

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