The REGULARITY 2009-11-11 ~~ RAW

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This is what these things look like before I cut them together. Today let's do it together!

Yeah, not quite so much fun to watch, eh? But this is how they start. Raw, unedited. Then it takes me a while to cut it down into a presentable Result.

Today I figured I'd begin to let you in on that whole process. Because eventually I hope this is something we can do together on a regular basis. The REGULARITY. If I can release 10ish minutes of raw footage like this, and rely on the collective reRECording skills of our community to cut it into something watchable in a reasonable amount of time... well, that sounds like a production company to me.

I'm currently doing my own editing thing with this right now. As well as continuing to browse all the fantastic activity around here today. By the end of the day (11:11 pm?) I'd like to have it all together into some semblance of something. Just what remains to be seen...

But even though I'm still doing it myself, if anybody wants to take their own crack at it, that'll really help me a lot!

t to have a thread for Remarks. This is exactly the kind of Resource where a discussion might be useful in producing some Results. Oh well :o/

Created: Nov 11, 2009

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