Last Requests (RE: Depression As The Dark)

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Going deep for this one, per Taylor's request.


I definitely hope that this song is construed as an outlet for depression and not taken as an inducer of. No matter how deep in the throes you are, you can always get out. There is always hope. I am living proof of this.


Stems here. 88 BPM. Chords are variations of E minor, D, and A



Say goodbye to mom and dad

They won't understand

Say goodbye to my sister

And give her all my land

Say goodbye to the family dog

And pet his head

Say goodbye for me

Because I just can't


Be sure to listen to both AnnaRMusic's and lyrictician's REmixes as well.

Created: Jun 10, 2014

Tags: depression, saxophone, vocal, song, guitar, the dark, last requests, solo

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