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The Secret Club (remix)

By andyramone

400th Record!!!!

And this one is a bit special. I'm incredibly proud to be the one to present this remix of wirrows haunting 'The Secret Club.'

wirrow had floated the idea of someone remixing it with female vocals. Chanele said she would sing it, I said I would remix the audio, then I roped in Tinderlocks for a string arrangement and Joerud topped it off with vocals and piano.

So we kinda became a little secret club of our own, collaborating on this over the last week, so we can present it to you all here. And that it's my 400th record is the icing on the cake.

I'm very pleased to hear how well this came out, and I hope y'all enjoy it. The contributions from everyone so far have been phenomenal, and it's been a real pleasure to remix it. There's still room for more stuff to be added. I tried to keep the arrangement and mix sparse and eerie. So jump in if you feel inclined.

Please send some love to Joerud, Tinderlocks and ChaneleyWelley, this is their remix as much as it is mine.

Stems and resourcing coming up.


wirrow: song and lyrics

ChaneleWelley: vocals

Joerud: piano, appalachian dulcimer, backing vocals

Tinderlocks: strings

andyramone: guitar, bass, slide guitar, drums, mixing and arrangement


Aminor, 68.5 bpm 4/4

The Secret Club (remix)

Created: Jun 07, 2014

Tags: creepy, collaboration, song, secrets, wirrow, chanelewelley, audio, sparse, remix, secret club, na na na, eerie, tinderlocks, joerud, andyramone

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