Agents Of Change (Hardcore Punk Song RE: Fire)

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For a long while now I've been planning to go balls-out punk rock on this collab since fire can easily equate to noise, destruction, and chaos. As soon as Dr. Gory presented the angle of fire as an agent of chemical, and often social change, I had my subject matter. The lyrics are simultaneously a manifesto for HitRECorders and a call to arms for people to start truly living life. The musical break at the end is a nod to the lyrics as well; if you feel you've been at something for too long, switch it up.


Be the fire.


Join us.



Walking our lives on a wire

Clutching the chances we take

And like hydrogen to a fire

We are the agents of change


This is your life

Years at a time

Simply content to sit idly by?

Harness the flames

Become the blaze

Light up and ignite the passion in your days


We'll start anew from the ashes

And if we don't like what we've made

We'll light a match to the gases

'Cos we are the agents of change


Brush off the dust

Scalp off the rust

It's in yourself that you will have to trust

Embrace what you

Are afraid to do

You have more fire than they have CO2

Created: Jun 07, 2014

Tags: punk rock, song, hardcore, request, season two, hitrecord on tv, re: fire, season 2, agents of change, manifesto, full band, screaming

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