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Mary Sue

By LexiScherr

Rerecorded at the behest of Mr. Ryan Patrick. I still tried to keep a live feel.

116 BPM, 3/4


COVER ART: Childhood REmix by Skriks // Linedreamer


Right inside the box, where all her secrets lay

Filled the rest with rocks, let it sink in the bay

Down it goes, where nobody knows

Now she won't have to be afraid

Floatin' up in space, her head's in the wrong place

Not above her neck, then something calls her to go back

Strange and true, what she's rummaging through

Now she's free to carry on

This unsettling collection

Mary Sue

What have you gotten into?

She's got mud in her eyes

She's been buildin' her box

And it's killin' you

Quite a lot of tape, but it won't keep the smell in

Buried in the yard, by the tire swing on the old oak tree

With a smirk, the shovel meets dirt

And she's golden

She's golden

Mary Sue

What's the world gonna do

She's got blood on her dress

She's been fixin' herself

and it's

Mary Sue

When the air feels new

She's got all kinds of plans

Some are small

Some are grand

And she's killin' you

She's killin' you

Mary Sue

Created: Jun 05, 2014

Tags: lexi scherr, lexischerr, story song, solo, isolated audio, vocal, stem, season two, hitrecord on tv, hitrecord on tv season 2, makings of a serial killer, serial killer, killer, mother sue, mary sue's mother, haunted house, haunted, eerie, mary sue, scary, creepy, the dark, secrets, music, song, tune, audio, vox, vocals, piano, diddy, burying, box, buried, bury, sink, drown, shovel, smirk, sociopath, killing, animals, dead, dying, die, haunting, disturbing, sociopathic, story, re: the dark, re: secrets, waltz, 116 bpm, 3/4, sad, the beatles, melody, female vocal, female vocals, female vox, singing, singer, scary song, creepy song

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