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By CaptClare

My itty bitty little ode to my darling mother <3

JoeRud created such a wonderful score for this, he deserves the most giantest of applauses. I am thrilled to bits at how it turned out :D

I was going to do some cool colourful squiggly line animations like old school 80's/90's kids shows (rug rats/degrassi/ghostwriter) but it may be too visually overwhleming with the stop motion? Please REmix if you reckon otherwise :D

This is my story telling voice. I thought it appropriate for the theme.

1080p / 1:03 

**on review could cut the bit about PNG for time, bringing it under a minute if wanted :)



Created: May 31, 2014

Tags: png, ode, your mom, hd, captclare, kids, mum, hitrecord on tv, joerud, 16:9, dad, short, children, married, stills in motion, handheld, papau new guinea, season 2, stop motion, babies, joerud is the best and greatest thing that has ever walked this earth, mother, marriage, short film, baby, remix, family, nurse, mom

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